there’s a little spider on my ceiling

it’s too high for me to reach and i cant get the hoover because its nearly 1pm

i dont want to wake my mum because she’s not feeling well

welp im dead

How fucking rude you are the cleverest ‘obnoxious cunt’ (still can’t handle that word :/) I know! And he may not appreciate you but I do because you’re my obnoxious cunt! Xxx

thanks Em =] xx

he didn’t even have good reason - if i was indeed being terrible to him i could understand it but here’s how it went down:

i’m on the downstairs computer, on the sims. he asks to look at the menu my dad has made for this week. i say no because i’m on the sims. he says just change windows. i say dude have you ever played the sims it will die if i do that i’ll be off here in a min, calm down. he kindly informs me i am an obnoxious cunt who only cares about herself

i’ll text you who is obnoxious and consists entirely of genitalia and it’s not me


"I would like to be remembered as trying to do my job well, of being understanding and kind… as a decent human being, and a caring one."

Grace Patricia Kelly, Princess of Monaco

                              November 12, 1929 ~ September 14, 1982